About Oliver J.

I’m an illustrator, graphic designer, and web developer working in the Central Texas area. I come from a large military family – my dad served in the Army for over 20 years, which means I was constantly moving states (and even countries) every 2-3 years. Some of the places I’ve lived include Alaska, Michigan, Kentucky, Oklahoma, Korea, and Japan, before we moved to Texas and my dad retired. I’ve been living in the Central Texas area for over a decade now, and loving it!

I was drawn to art and creativity from an early age, and have developed a unique style that’s been influenced by all the different places I’ve lived over the years.

Initially, I became interested in graphic design in middle school, when my parents opened a restaurant and asked me to design their logo. I loved the process of creating something that connected so many people, and decided then that I wanted to enter the creative field when I grew up.

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